Robert Newton Peck

American author. Born in 1928. He began writing in his forties and has published a fair number of books, both fiction and non-fiction. Most of his fiction is for children of varying age groups. History and nature are favourite subjects of his, although perhaps his most well known books is the 'Soup' series which is in part based on the real life exploits of himself and his best child-hood friend Luther, nick-named Soup. One of the books in this series features a horse, and he has also has written three horse-related stand-alone stories which are of the ranching/rodeo ilk, though containing more depth than the average novel of such sort.

The author has his own website.

Horse & Pony Books:

(KNOPF [USA] 1983)
Reprinted in paperback by Yearling in 1987.
EDITION PICTURED: Paperback edition.
SUMMARY: Part of the longer non-pony 'Soup' series based on some of exploits of the author's childhood with his best pal and real life teacher Miss Kelly. This story includes a central horsy character. Soup and Rob organise a celebration for their beloved teacher with the help of their horse Gentle George.

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(KNOPF [USA] 1985)
EDITION PICTURED: 1st edition.
SUMMARY: Historical farming/pony story set in the 1930s. Harriet is overjoyed to receive a spotted pony for her birthday. But when the family farm is stricken with sick livestock and money problems, she realises she may have to give up her pony.

Also a large print edition published by Thorndike Press.
EDITION PICTURED: 1st edition, unknown edition.
SUMMARY: Set in Florida in the 1930s. After his mother's  death the teenager Ladd finds himself bullied by his elder brother who has been traumatised by the death. He decides to escape and prove to his brother he is as good as him by travelling alone over 100 miles to bring back horses for the ranch and to sell to the rodeo. 

Reprinted in paperback.
EDITION PICTURED: Paperback edition.
SUMMARY: Young rodeo rider Tullis is dismayed when the rodeo he works for decides to close down and sell all the horses for slaughter. Tullis enrols the help of a doctor and her elderly horse thief father to help him steal the horses. But a band of disparate folk are on their trail!

Collector's Info:
All easy to find in the USA. Horse Thief is still in print and can be bought new in the USA and the UK. The other books are harder to find in the UK, although they can be bought easily and cheaply from America via Amazon.